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About NIFTi
NIFTi is about human-robot cooperation. About teams of robots and humans doing tasks together, interacting together to try and reach a shared goal. NIFTi looks at how the robot could bear the human in mind. Literally. When determining what to do or say next in human-robot interaction; when, and how. NIFTi puts the human factor into cognitive robots, and human-robot team interaction in particular.   Each year, NIFTi evaluates its systems together with several USAR organizations. Rescue personnel teams up with NIFTi robots to carry out realistic missions, in real-life training areas. 

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NIFTi Industry Day 2011 in Dortmund

NIFTi organized its first Industry Day this July, at the Dortmund Fire Brigade Training Center. Over 25 invited members of industry, end user organizations, and research institutions attended the event to learn more about practical progress made in NIFTi over the last year.

On Friday July 8 2011, NIFTi organized a day-long event to present recent practical results obtained in NIFTi during the past year, to invited people from industry, end user organizations, and research institutions. Around 25 invitees attended, to a total of over 50 people. 

During the day, NIFTi gave poster presentations and a variety of demonstrations, ranging from individual functionality like 3D mapping, integration with simulation environments like USARSim, to system demonstrations including the new NIFTi robot platform. 

Highlight of the day was the joint exploration of a traffic accident, using a microcopter and the NIFTi robot. The robot was operated remotely by a team of a pilot and several mission specialists, who were in direct contact with the UAV pilot. The UAV pilot was in-field, remaining in line-of-sight of the UAV to operate it. The remote team had access to a wide range of sensor data visualizations for the NIFTi robot, and video feeds form the cameras onboard the UAV. 

Despite the smoke at the accident, all volunteer-victims were found. 

The NIFTi demonstrations and results met with much interest from the invitees, and various members of the press. WIth this Industry Day, and the ones to be organized over the next couple of years, we hope to build up a wider network of people interested in, and working with, the NIFTi project. 

PDF materials (press kit): 

  • How could a robot create and share maps of complex environments? [ PDF ]
  • How could a robot see, and understand what it sees? [ PDF , PDF ]
  • How could a robot interact with humans, to coordinate team efforts? [ PDF , PDF
  • How could a robot understand human performance under stress? [ PDF
  • How could a robot plan and execute actions as member of a team? [ PDF
  • How could we make UAVs that can be deployed in USAR missions? [ PDF ]
  • How could we make UGVs that can be deployed in USAR missions? [ PDF ]
  • How do we develop our systems? [ PDF
  • How could we integrate human factors in system design and -testing? [ PDF

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