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About NIFTi
NIFTi is about human-robot cooperation. About teams of robots and humans doing tasks together, interacting together to try and reach a shared goal. NIFTi looks at how the robot could bear the human in mind. Literally. When determining what to do or say next in human-robot interaction; when, and how. NIFTi puts the human factor into cognitive robots, and human-robot team interaction in particular.   Each year, NIFTi evaluates its systems together with several USAR organizations. Rescue personnel teams up with NIFTi robots to carry out realistic missions, in real-life training areas. 

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K. Zimmermann, D. Hurych, and T. Svoboda (2011)

Improving cascade of classifiers by sliding window alignment in between

In: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Automation, Robotics and Applications, pp. 196-201.

We improve an object detector based on cascade of classifiers by a local alignment of the sliding window. The detector needs to operate on a relatively sparse grid in order to achieve a real time performance on high-resolution images. The proposed local alignment in the middle of the cascade improves its recognition performance whilst retaining the necessary speed. We show that the moment of the alignment matters and discuss the performance in terms of false negatives and false positives. The proposed method is tested on a car detection problem.