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About NIFTi
NIFTi is about human-robot cooperation. About teams of robots and humans doing tasks together, interacting together to try and reach a shared goal. NIFTi looks at how the robot could bear the human in mind. Literally. When determining what to do or say next in human-robot interaction; when, and how. NIFTi puts the human factor into cognitive robots, and human-robot team interaction in particular.   Each year, NIFTi evaluates its systems together with several USAR organizations. Rescue personnel teams up with NIFTi robots to carry out realistic missions, in real-life training areas. 

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M. Mancas, F. Pirri, and M. Pizzoli (2011)

Human-motion saliency in multi-motion scenes and in close interaction

In: Proceedings of the 9th International Gesture Workshop on Gesture in Embodied Communication and Human-Computer Interaction.

We briefly account for an original method for human motion analysis and evaluation, taken from two perspectives: human motion in a multi-motion scene and in close interaction. The first aspect concerns the saliency of human motion with respect to any other kind of motion in the scene. The second aspect, identified by upper limbs and thus involving gestures, concerns the extent of human attention to gesture modalities both in peripheral and central vision. We used a dynamic 3D gaze tracker for modeling and verification, while experiments were achieved on movies of gestures in several scenarios and generic youtube movies.
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